into water

To destroy the bag it’s simple, pour water at 85°C on it ! Then, it can be thrown in your sink or even feed your plants.


into nature

If the bag is found in nature, it breaks down within 180 days. Natural conditions are enough for its degradation.

Doesn’t damage


Designed from natural, biodegradable and plastic-free materials, our bags are harmless to nature and animals.


and approved

Preserve bags have been analyzed by CGS, validated by the Food and Drug Administration, and are patented.

0 billions
This is the frightening number of bags produced every year according to the UN.
0% are not recycled
end up in nature and landfills.
+0 years
The minimum time for their decomposition.
0 animal species
are threatened with extinction due to plastic.

It’s still time to act.

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