A revolutionary material

The properties of plastic with ZERO plastic.

A natural composition

Preserve bags are made from a patented material, validated by the Food and Drug Administration and tested in laboratories by CGS.

Among other things, they contain PVA, extracted from limestone rocks and not petroleum like plastic bags or other biodegradable bags.

These natural properties allow them to be safe for the planet and animals, or for humans who already ingest thousands of plastic particles.

Water soluble

Due to their limestone origins, our bags are soluble in water.

Just pour water at 85°C and full dissolution is done within a few minutes.

It can be thrown safely into sinks or in your garden, or even feed plants for example.

Really biodegradable

Contrary to plastic bags or even biodegradable bags that disappear after years, a Preserve bag will disappear after 180 days in nature.


Sustainable and reusable

The ecological impact is minimal.

The new alternatives available in cotton, paper, corn starch, potato, or even from cassava are not satisfactory.

A cotton bag must be used 54 times before having a positive impact on the environment.

Made with paper, it logically causes deforestation, while recycled paper requires chemical treatments.

Processed from food, it is counterproductive when 820 million people were hungry in 2019.

Amazing properties

No compromise has been made to offer a quality bag. At first glance, Preserve bags even look like any other !

  • Firmness
  • Strengthness
  • Reusability
  • Elasticity

Our bags