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Questions :


We market our bags directly to chain stores which want to adopt a truly ecological and plastic-free approach.

Biodegradable bags :

So-called biodegradable bags are far from being and cause scandal in the face of promises made : see the article from VICE.

After several years spent in nature, the state of the bags does not actually change very much.

Polyester textile bags (PES/PET) :

They contain micro-plastics and must be used at least 149 times to have a positive impact.

Compostable bio-plastic bags (corn, potato, cassava):

It seems hardly acceptable to use bags created from food even though nearly a billion people did not have enough to eat in 2019.

In addition, it takes a very large amount of water to grow these plants. It takes 454 liters of water to produce 1 kg of corn and 590 liters for 1 kg of potatoes. Cassava grows back in 18 months.

These bags are also compostable only in composters.

Paper bags or recycled paper:

It takes 8 times more water to make a paper bag than a traditional plastic bag. The carbon footprint on these types of bags is large, leading to deforestation and increase the use of chemicals.

Cotton or organic cotton bags:

Very difficult to recycle, cotton bags must be used at least 52 times to have a positive ecological impact.

The base material is made from calcium carbonate and natural gas, without petroleum, which are used to create our PVA and our bags Illusion.
Inedible starch can be added to the preparation of Prestige bags.

Just add water at +85°C. After 5 minutes, nothing is left !

In the case of Prestige bags, there will be recycled starch which is harmless to the environment and which will disappear within 180 days.

From the decomposition of our raw material in water remains .. water, and carbon. As this carbon is not in its gaseous form, it does not fall into the category of greenhouse gases and therefore does not enter into the atmosphere.

Not at all, even if the bag is thrown in the garbage, it decomposes in 180 days and only natural materials remain.

Yes, the material of manufacture has the necessary certifications. Slightly wet fruits and vegetables, however, begin the process of degradation, which is said to be extremely slow.

Yes, we can create your custom bag with the colors of your brand. The ink used is ecological.

Preserve bags have the same characteristics and capacities as other bags.

Yes, Preserve bags have a certificate issued by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration in the USA) and have been laboratory tested by CGS.

Imagined in Geneva in Switzerland, the bags are produced in Europe, Asia or South America according to the specifications required by our customers.