Our mission


A goal as a basic idea, replace plastic bags.

Great, but how ?

This is the question I asked myself facing all these plastic bags that I encountered during my scuba dives. Having become passionate about discovering the seabed, I became extremely sensitive to ecology problems and the protection of our planet. It is estimated that 5,000 billion plastic bags are produced every year, while 80% end up in the wild. It is a huge stake for the protection of the planet but also for the human kind which faces pollution and health problems.

Preserve was born.

Benjamin Bruneteau

Fondateur de Preserve, Genève, Suisse.


Years of research.

How to replace a material such as plastic used since 1965 for the fabrication of bags ?

Cotton bags, paper bags, biodegradable ones and others offered at first glance a better alternative.
However, by taking a closer look, it is clear these new bags only shift the problem. Deforestation, pollution, use of edible materials..

So how to find a real alternative ?

Five main criteria were essential to the development of our project :

  • Be really harmless to nature
  • Use renewable raw materials with no ecological impact
  • Quickly self-destruct in nature
  • Have soluble properties
  • Provide the same qualities as plastic (solidity, practicality, etc.)

After years of research, tests and prototypes, the ideal material that meets all the criterias is now ready to be marketed for the planet hapinness.


Based in Switzerland, you benefit from our expertise and our seriousness in supporting your stores in their ecological transformation.